Mission Leisure Centre Covid Game Procedure

Teams may enter the rink 15 minutes prior to game time.
Players still need to come partially dressed as you only have 15 minutes.

All coaching staff/managers etc need to have a mask at all times while in the facility.


Players must wear a mask at all times until they have put their helmet on and are ready to enter Field of Play


Players will need to do covid screening and sanitizing.


The visiting team is permitted to bring in one covid officer to screen their own team and help with moving them in and out of the rink (if max capacity allows)


MMHA teams will have two covid officers per team at each game (if max capacity allows).
One will do sign in and converse with visiting teams covid officer about entering/exiting and screening. MMHA needs a copy of the visiting teams sign in for tracking purposes.


MMHA teams will enter in through the fire exit to the left of the north hall entrance and use the assigned dressing room


The visiting team will enter through north hall main entrance and will use the assigned dressing room


Each team will have one assigned dressing room.


Washrooms are available in change rooms. Showers are not.


All players need to arrive with water bottle filled.


Female dressing rooms available but limited to 2 players (mask required)


Teams have NO MORE than 15 minutes to exit the building, going out their designated exits


No parents are permitted in the building for games at any age other than coaches, managers, safety, covid and score/time keepers.


U11 and under, it is highly recommended that the hard walking skate guards are purchased and players arrive with skates already tied.


Maximum capacity is 50. If capacity is reached between both teams, coaches, safety, covid officers, refs, managers and scorebox then not all team officials will be allowed entry.


Any player, parent or team official that does not adhere to facility and/or PCAHA guidelines could face suspension of ice for their team and any use of facility.