MMHA Covid Arena Procedures

MMHA Covid Arena Procedures

– Arrive no more than 20 minutes before ice-time, fully dressed (less skates, gloves and helmet) with marked water bottle and small duffel bag

– Players will be asked a covid screening questionnaire and to sanitize hands before entering

– Doors will be locked before ice time begins

– Players will be taken into arena by covid official (no parents for U13 and up permitted
inside arena) where they will check in

– U11 and under is allowed one parent per player to enter with them

– There will be no in and out privileges

– Players will be led to designated area by Reds Grill and will finish getting dressed on the “X”
marked on benches (socially distanced)

– Players will take their bags and follow covid official into south rink where they will leave
their bags and go to bench one by one

– After ice time, players will pick up their bags and exit into the lobby at the east end, take
off skates on “X” marked on benches (socially distanced)

– U11 and under parents will exit the same way and if not required to help with removing
skates, will exit the lobby immediately and wait for their player outside

– Players will then immediately exit the lobby through the fire lane access doors and walk to
parents waiting in vehicles

**If you have questions regarding procedures please send them to:


or see the ‘contact us’ list of emails on the website.



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