Welcome to Mission Minor Hockey Association’s Officiating page,
This is the place for those interested to learn more about how to become a new official or returning officials wanting to continue.

Mission Minor Hockey strives to heavily focus on the development of younger, brand new officials, along with the more experienced referees seeking additional knowledge and skills to become confident, courageous and successful officials.
We offer a greatly experienced development team of supervisors/shadows that will be working very closely with officials, working on achieving their personal goals.

Becoming an Official

Are you interested in becoming a referee?
MMHA and Hockey Canada are always in need of new officials that are fully committed and wishing for a new, fun role in the game of hockey.

The game is continually growing, and each year we need to bring in new officials all across Canada to keep pace with the everlasting demand and ensure hockey stays safe and fair for everyone.
Refereeing can be an extremely rewarding experience, and we encourage anyone who is interested to sign up for an HCOP clinic.

If you or your child is 12-years old or older they are eligible to become a referee!
New officials must register for Hockey University – Officiating Online Modules. You’re required to fully complete this course, as it is a prerequisite to joining an HCOP clinic and becoming a referee.

If you’re registered as a player for MMHA, we will fully cover the cost of certification and Hockey University.
Please visit this link to learn more:​ ​

If you have any questions or concerns regarding signing up for an HCOP clinic or completing Hockey University, please contact our Referee in Chief, Owen Harvey. You can reach him by email at ​

Returning Officials

If you’re a returning official and wanting to continue your progress, you must attend a re-certification HCOP clinic.
BC Hockey conducts these Super Clinics by zone; you’ll be able to find a clinic nearby near the beginning of each hockey season.
You’ll be able to find more, and register for a clinic at​ ​

If you’re 18-years old or older, a Criminal Record Check MUST be completed​.
You’re able to find this over on BC Hockey’s website here:​ ​Criminal Record Check Information

Officiating Levels Information​:​ ​Hockey Canada Referee Levels


At our annual awards night in Mission, two very hard working officials are awarded for their commitment and dedication towards officiating.
Each official has shown great effort and determination throughout the year and earned recognition by being awarded Junior & Senior Referee of the Year.

Congratulations to the following officials,

Junior Referee of the Year​: Carter Thompson

Senior Referee of the Year​: Ethan Dockrill

2019-2020 Season


Officiating Development Team

The following individuals are well-experienced members of the officiating community and will be making up our development team, working hard on mentoring MMHA’s officials.
Please come forward with any questions or concerns you may have.

Owen Harvey – Referee in Chief

Max Kellington – Sr. Supervisor

Kyle Mooney – Sr. Supervisor

Brent Smith – Supervisor

Josh Monsen – Supervisor